Workshops and design sprints are helpful formats to boost innovation. They combine intensity, creativity and a space for seeing things through a new lens. 

Are you interested in re-imagining and re-designing products, services and experiences for a circular economy? You might enjoy the free resources and workshop packages on the Circular Design Guide and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation website

Would you like to participate in a facilitated circular design workshop? Sarra Ganouchi from Reform and I are happy to tailor a workshop to your context and specific needs. Get in touch

Some of the workshops I have contributed to:  

3-day sprint with design leaders from the EMF network, 2022, Paris
Circular Design Assembly, 2021, Global
Circular Design Session, SHIFT 2021, Virtual
‘The Great Competition’, 2019, Design Museum, London
Circular Design Workshop, 2019, Tongji Design Week, Shanghai

Insights on systemic change, 2018, Systemic Design Conference, Torino
Circular Futures Lab, 2018, London